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Made of happy!


Launched by Ferrero

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

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Open Call for video

Client: Ferrero

Brand: Kinder

Product: Kinder 50




Kinder is getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary and wants to celebrate all its beloved customers, old and young, long-term or brand new.

Since the beginning, Kinder is committed to inspire simple and authentic moments of togetherness between adults, kids and teens, who sometimes need a little reminding of their childlike delight. For Kinder, happiness & joy are key to child’s growth.

In 2018, Kinder will celebrate this important landmark of its history with all the consumers that are Made of Happy, the motto of the campaign. During the whole year, Kinder, a brand that knows kids’ desires, wants to make dreams of consumers come true, no matter if they are 5 or 50 y.o. Kinder will invite consumers to make a wish and aim to make it come true.

There is no better way for Kinder to celebrate its anniversary, than through the happiness celebrations of their brand lovers.

Participate with a video aimed to celebrate this 50th anniversary and be part of it!



What does “Made of happy” mean?” There is some sense of play and innocence in discovering new things. Something that is contagious and powerful, something that we don’t want to forget when we grow up. This “something” is…

Made of happy!

True, authentic happiness, even for a very small thing, is contagious.

If it involves a child, then happiness can…. become truly viral, and make the most beautiful and unexpected things happen.

Show this special “something” which is made of happiness.

• It can be something that starts a happiness chain.

• It can start from an adult or from a child. The important thing is that it always involves children and their world.

• It can be a wish, expressed with a child’s sparkling eyes, for themselves of for someone else. In this case, the wish should end with a candle blowing or just closing eyes and smiling. No lanterns, dandelions or other symbols.

• It can be a moment or someone “made of happy”, that makes…everything possible. Problems become surprises, limits become discovery and the unexpected can happen because…

You choose what story to tell and how to show it. Unleash your creativity with the best possible videos to express the happiness Kinder has been wishing for all children over the last 50 years.

Some examples:

A little girl is about to enter a room, hand in hand with her mother. She takes a deep breath. When she enters the room she starts smiling and clapping her hands; it’s the birthday party she dreamed of, with a Pirate theme, everyone dressed up.

The doorbell rings. A child, sitting in the living room with his parents, shuts his eyes tight and starts smiling, clearly wishing for something to happen. Then she runs to open the door to find his grandparents there. They hug him and everyone is happy and smiling.

Every day on his way back from school, a boy and his mother pass a garden with some cute ducks. The boy loves them and beams with joy every time. On his birthday the child is given an odd-looking box with holes in it. He looks at the box in hope.We can see he is wishing for something. Then, even before unwrapping it, he hears a "quack!" from inside and starts jumping with joy.

A family is gathered around the decorated table, celebrating a birthday with a cake, balloons and decorations. Mum is entering with a cake and the kids jump with joy. A little girl closes her eyes before blowing the candles and sees an amazing world in her head with princesses and magical animals. She blows the candles and when she opens her eyes, she sees her fantastic present…

A family in a car, trapped in a traffic jam. They start playing and laughing and, all at once, they find themselves in an empty street… The traffic is gone and they didn’t even notice it.

Tone of voice

Focus on the smiles, the contagious laughs, the sparkling eyes…

Focus on the magic effects of simple, true and authentic happiness.

Focus on the power of a wish.

Focus on the situations that bond people together (like Kinder does), children and adults, in a beautiful community… made of happy.


You can choose to use a Kinder product if it fits with your story, but it’s not mandatory.

If you do choose to use a product, please:

- Use a product among the following ones: Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Surprise and Kinder Joy - Use the packaging but please don’t show the product out of the packaging

- Do not show the product being eaten.

Target Audience Guidelines

- no overweight people

- no children under three years old, primary focus on children between 3 and 9 years old

- If children shown in the video are younger than 12 years old, they must be always with at least one parent/grandparent/teacher/ older brother…

- people must be dressed, no nudity, no swim suit

- yes to multicultural families and communities

- if you talk about a wish, the video should end with a candle blowing or just closing eyes and smiling. No lanterns, dandelions or other symbols.

Language: No dialogue.

Video length: 15 to 40 secs.

Video Format: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB

Cover and end board: please end your video with the end board you can download here. Please keep the end board at least 2 seconds at the end of the video.


We require the use of original unreleased music or music taken from Userfarm’s Music Library, available for every filmmaker for this call.


June 13th: Contest Launch – video submission phase starts

September 3rd: Video submission deadline


TOTAL REWARDS: 35,000 Euro

1st video selected: 8.000€

2nd video selected: 3.000€

From 3rd to 22nd videos selected: 1.000€

From 23rd to 30th videos selected: 500€