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Tic Tac side of the World!


Launched by Ferrero

Developed by Userfarm S.p.A.

Type of content: Video
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Tic Tac is not just pleasure, it’s not just sweetness, it’s a rewarding experience that ignites the desire for life, and brings a smile to your face and the faces of those around you.

Each of us lives this experience in our own, unique and personal way. We want you to create a short video (max 10 ") that brings those experiences to life, capitalizing on Tic Tac’s strength, energy, with a creative clip that is both original and surprising! 

We want you to create a vignette or mini video clip, small and inspiring like a Tic Tac, that shows us your personal way of seeing the "Tic Tac side of the world"! 

Ready to bring happiness to this planet?

Shoot and share your personal Tic Tac Side of the world!

Deadline: May 8th 2015 at 4pm (CET)

30.500 Euros in rewards!