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Change your perspective, use a wide angle lens


Launched by LG

Developed by Userfarm France SARL

Type of content: Video
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Your short video for LG: 10.000 euros in total rewards.

Imagine all the funniest situations that can happen when not using a wide angle lens on your smartphone... E.G.: Players from a football team who have to climb on each other to get in the picture; A young man who goes mad because he cannot film his girlfriend lying down on the couch in one shot. And many others!

Tell us about these moments in your short (max 20secs) out-of-the-box video and get selected by LG for a total of €10,000 in rewards!

When the time is right to take a wider picture than with a «standard» phone, imagine what you are missing and what you have to do.

The comparison with old phones is crucial: the brands and the models of the other smartphones must not be recognizable, but the viewer must perceive that they are part of the past, now there is the new LG and its wide angle lens!

Deadline 18/09/2016