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Beyond your limits, and further


Launched by Toshiba

Developed by Userfarm France SARL

Type of content: Video
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Since professionals are extraordinary, Toshiba has to create extraordinary laptops Since their passion knows no fatigue, the company offers tireless batteries and since they always push boundaries further, its innovations are limitless… In short, Toshiba dedicates itself to those who always go beyond their limits, to allow them to go further.

Show us in your short video(s) (30 seconds max), portraits of all these exceptional, passionate and tireless people that surpass themselves for others, for great causes, to resolve daily issues, or in extreme situations. You can show us employees or employers, in big or small structures (and even the smallest). You can chose the industry that inspires you the most, and create a powerful, emotional and engaging video!

Total rewards: €10,000

Deadline: 09/01/2017