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How do you connect to Earth ?


Launched by WWF

Developed by Userfarm London Limited

Type of content: Video
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OPEN CALL FOR VIDEOS: “How do you connect to Earth?”


BRAND: Earth Hour



WWF’s Earth Hour, which started as a symbolic lights-off event, has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, empowering millions to take action to change climate change.

With your video you will have the chance to create awareness about nature and the environment around you. To express the powerful connections between humans and the environment they are part of. To communicate respect for forests, oceans, rivers, climate, and animals. To show that nature is not far away, but close to us, and that without the natural environment, we wouldn’t exist.



This Earth Hour, we want to know how people around the world connect to earth. The breath of the Earth is what make us all unique, different, and connected.

 “How do you connect to Earth?”

Think about that. Can you feel it? And can you express it in a video? You choose how: through a form of art, a song, a gesture, a story, a tale.

You don’t need to be institutional or too serious. Your video must make people think - especially those who take our planet for granted, those who think someone, someday will provide them with the beauty of nature, the comfort of natural resources.

 Wake them up! This is the moment to free your creativity. The Earth is asking – demanding - everyone’s awareness!

 TARGET AUDIENCE. Focus on Millennials.

 CREATIVE STYLE: Challenge yourself. Find the message you want to communicate and express it any way you like. Animation, real life, docu.. anything is accepted.

 TECH SPECS: 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

 Max size: 2GB Video length: up to 60”

 Music Please use only tracks from Userfarm Music library or original and unreleased tracks

 LANGUAGE: Any language. You decide if using dialogue, VO, or nothing. Please add English subtitles.

 LAUNCH: January 16th

END: 28/02/2018

REWARDS €2000 euros for each of the 3 selected videos