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Isola del Cinema

Isola del Cinema L'Isola del Cinema 2.0 held 20 years ago for the very first time has focused itself as one of the most extraordinary events in Rome’s cultural scene, thanks to its multi-disciplinary approach merging Cinema with Culture. The event, located on the picturesque scenery of the Tiberina Island, entitles this year L'Isola del Cinema 2.0 XXth Edition and it comes alive with its upcoming season by presenting a series of events: from June to September it will host the best Italian and international movies of the last season together with documentaries and exhibitions. Moreover you'll find enjoyable bars and restaurants. It will also welcome the worldwide film production in a special section called Festival Isola Mondo arrived at its fifth edition, organized in collaboration with Embassies and Cultural Institutes and aiming at creating a meeting point of cultural exchange for lovers and experts, by fostering the circulation of worldwide movies in Italy.
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